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Play up to five simple chords from a predetermined scale. Chords are assigned using numbered intervals e.g. I, II, III, IV, V, VI, VII. Scales are determined in the same way as im.scale.

Expects control in the left hand side. Outputs control.

key, mode, octave, ch1, ch2, ch3, ch4, ch5


note one, note two, note three


im.tunedperc im.speaker im.tunedperc im.tunedperc im.sensor 1 4 im.triads Bb major 5 II V I IV im.speaker im.keypress a im.keypress s im.keypress d im.fader im.fader im.fader im.echo 200 im.echo 400 im.switches zero:on im.sensor 2 im.keypress f im.hollow im.hollow im.hollow im.triads A# minor 6 II V I III VI
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im.triads was created by Charles Matthews, 2019/2020