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Combine up to five switches into a single number control to send to note-based objects such as im.triads or im.scale. If no inputs are pressed, an optional argument provides a zero signal.

Expects control in the left hand side. Outputs control.

zero (off/on)


switch 1, switch 2, switch 3, switch 4


indication of which switch was pressed last


im.speaker im.keypress a im.keypress s im.keypress d im.fader im.fader im.fader im.echo 200 im.echo 400 im.switches zero:on im.sensor 2 im.keypress f im.hollow im.hollow im.hollow im.triads A# minor 6 II V I III VI im.keypress q im.keypress w im.keypress e im.keypress r im.speaker im.fader im.fader im.fader im.switches im.triads C major 6 II V I III VI im.tunedperc im.tunedperc im.tunedperc
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im.switches was created by Charles Matthews, 2019/2020